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What is captain scam?

By eliminating fraud, the Loop platform is safe and convenient for Captains and Clients. But in very rare cases, the captains and clients engage in fraudulent activities.

These measures may include:

Pre-arranged trips
Price manipulation
False trips to get captain offers.

How to identify and prevent fraud

Captain fraud
In some cases, scam customers invite captains to participate in fraudulent flight operations.

Signs of possible fraudulent intent:
The customer wants to organize a trip in advance
The customer offers to take a long trip if the captain pays a fee to the customer.
Trips should not be organized outside the platform.
Captain's price manipulation.

Any attempt by the captain to artificially increase the price of the trip is considered fraud. Examples of price gouging are as follows:

Start a journey before the customer rides
Not ending the trip after delivering the customer
take a longer road
Accept the request and not go to the customer for cancellation fees
Turn off GPS during flight
Use an unofficial version of Loop.
Campaign rewards fraud.

Scam captains use fake orders to qualify for campaign rewards. Signs of fake orders include:

Self orders
Excess orders with the same customer, device or payment method
Excessive orders where the customer uses the promotional code
Unusual requests (abnormally short or long trips)
Using a third party service that generates fake captain requests
Orders with payment problems (credit card payments or chargebacks).
Effect of fraud
If the driver engages in fraudulent activity, it will have several consequences:
Remove some or all flight fares
Delete some or all bonuses
Temporary or permanent suspension from the platform
Add a fine to your account
investigation by law.

You can help us maintain the integrity and security of the Platform by reporting any customer who offers you pre-arranged trips. You can provide all the required information to the customer support team.

Updated on: 08/11/2022

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