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What is irregular activity?

By eliminating irregular activity, Loop provides a safe and convenient platform for drivers and riders. However, in very rare cases, drivers and riders engage in irregular activity.

If the driver engages in an irregular activity, it may lead to an investigation by us, removal of some trip fares, adding penalty fee , and temporary or permanent suspension from the platform.

These may include:

Pre-arranged trips
Price manipulation

Rider-driver irregular activity

In some cases, fraudulent riders invite drivers to participate in fraudulent trips. For example:

The rider wants to pre-arrange a trip
The rider offers to make a long trip if the driver pays a fee to the rider

Loop platform works by matching the closest driver to the rider. The trips should not be organized outside the platform. You can help us to keep the platform safe and secure by reporting any riders who offer to do pre-arranged trips. You can provide all the needed information to our Support team.

Driver price manipulation

Any attempt by a driver to artificially increase the trip price is considered irregular activity. Examples of price manipulation:

Starting a trip before picking up the rider
Not ending the trip after dropping the rider off
Taking an unnecessarily longer route
Accepting an order and not driving to the rider to get the cancellation fee
Disabling GPS during the trip
Using an unofficial version of the Loop driver app.

Updated on: 14/09/2022

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