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Safety Tips

Loop is strongly committed to the safety and security of drivers and customers. We encourage you to follow these guidelines to ensure your safety while using the platform:

Pre-trip check:

Make sure your car is fueled for your working day
Make sure your vehicle is mechanically maintained well to avoid breakdowns
Check customer details before starting the trip i.e. name, destination etc.
During the flight:
Comply with local traffic laws and speed regulations
Stay react to road conditions and weather and adjust your driving accordingly
Avoid using electronics while driving. Use a phone holder instead.
Trip end:
End the trip in a well-lit area
In case of any price disputes, please ask the customer to inform Loop for assistance. Do not argue or collect any additional items from the customer.

Other safety tips:

Make sure you are well comfortable. Stop working if you are tired or exhausted

You have the right to refuse requests from dangerous areas

If you drive at night, turn on your head and lights

If you are carrying large amounts of cash collected from trips, we advise you to visit the nearest ATM to deposit these amounts.

We advise you to remain alert to your surroundings. If you are a victim or witness any crimes, report this to the local authorities as soon as possible.

Updated on: 08/11/2022

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